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The Language of Engagement by Rachel Happe, updated

The Language of Engagement is a communication style that invites response, collaboration, and different perspectives. It is common in education, non-profits, and therapy but used much less frequently in work and business environments. In fact, many best practices in corporate communications, leadership development, and business schools discourage it in favor of declarative language that makes

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Engaged Organizations Blog Post, The Strategic Cost of Data

Most executives do not think about the strategic cost of data, yet it is creating significant operational costs and adding immense friction for employees across organizations. With the move toward SaaS solutions that allow employees and departments to adopt software without centralized IT oversight, the quantity of organizational data has exploded. In the Marketing space,

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A workplace community program is responsible for building and managing communities within an organization, such as employee resource groups, diversity and inclusion groups, learning communities, communities of practice, affinity groups, and innovation networks.

Community networks provide compelling benefits to organizations in a range of areas including communications efficiency, culture change, speed of innovation, productivity, and employee retention.

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