Engaged Organizations

Relationships. Technology.

Leadership. Power. Trust.


Engagement is complex. Your approach to it doesn’t have to be.


We collaborate with clients to foster cultures of trust, transparency, and empowerment, where learning is integrated into the flow of work. 



We support clients with:

  • Collaborative Strategy & Planning

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Team Coaching & Mentorship

  • Assessments & Audits

  • Tools & Templates

  • Design for Engagement

Our Services

Collaborative Strategy & Planning
Collaborative strategies create win-win-win outcomes and by defining a compelling shared purpose and shared value.
Leadership Coaching
Coaching fosters the mindset shift required for collaborative leadership and demonstrates its impact on daily work.
Team Coaching & Mentoring
Team coaching cultivates the complex skills needed to successfully transform culture and work practices.
Assessments & Audits
Our experienced perspective can help refine plans, identify opportunities, make recommendations.
Tools & Templates
Save time and improve work by starting with our presentation, playbook, and dashboard templates.
Design for Engagement
Our expertise in design - of technology, work practices, metrics, or communication - can optimize engagement and value.


    • What if we could change how people work in ways that reduce stress, increase flexibility, and energize employees?
    • How do we entice employees, managers, and leaders to change?
    • How do we remove the frustration and cost of information overload?
    • What does a culture of belonging look like?
    • What is the potential impact of ensuring every employee has equal access to opportunity?
    • How could we adapt the role of management to validate, support, empower, and inspire employees?