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Executives and organizational leaders are dealing with profound and unprecedented change.  The absence of physical proximity during the pandemic has made us all profoundly aware of the value of connection. At the same time, organizations face a continuously changing business environment in which agility and innovation are required. Those challenges require alignment across people, groups, and organizations.

Collaborative strategies help leaders approach new initiatives, complex stakeholder environments, and strategies in a way that includes critical individuals and creates shared ownership.


Clients engaged us for Collaborative Strategy Workshops to address the following needs:

  • Interactive and Experiential Leadership Training
  • Digital Workplace Ecosystem Strategy or Business Case
  • Community Team Strategy
  • Cross-Functional Program Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Product Strategy


Our Collaborative Strategy Workshops create the space, structure, and prompts that help participants reflect, discuss, and think differently about complex challenges.

While workshops are tailored to each client's needs, they follow proven methodologies and structures refined over our work with global companies, international NGOs, national non-profits, governmental organizations, mid-sized private companies, and smaller program teams.

Workshops offer participants dedicated time to discuss and align on objectives and priorities. Relational Personas prompt individuals to think differently about how to motivate and engage employees, partners, and stakeholders. Most of all, these workshops offer participants the opportunity to engage their imaginations in what is possible giving them new ideas and energy when they return to their daily work routines.


Our Collaborative Strategy Workshops have several configurable sessions and exercises based on client needs, but every workshop addresses a foundational shared purpose and shared value approach. Below is an example of a Digital Workplace Ecosystem Business Case generated by workshop discussions and exercises.

We offer multi-session, strategic workshops configured to your needs.

Strategy Workshop Overview

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