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About Engaged Organizations

Engaged Organizations works to make organizations work for humans. We are committed to bringing connection, joy, and trust to workplaces by building community-centric cultures that empower employees.

We pursue this by:

1 - Partnering with community and digital workplace leaders to extend capacity and be a thought partner.

2 - Helping executive sponsors understand the opportunities, costs, and effective approaches to building an adaptive and engaged organization.

3 - Producing research, approaches, and tools that educate and inspire stakeholders.

4 - Facilitating workshops designed to shift mindsets about what it means to manage and lead.

About Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe is a strategist who works at the intersection of technology, governance, leadership, and communications. She is a sought after speaker and expert on the impact of technology on engagement, relationships, and culture and has keynoted at conferences like Enterprise 2.0, DeFrag, JiveWorld, APQC, and Social Now. She was named a 2023 Top 50 Remote Work Advocate by Mobeus Software and a Knowledge Management Thought Leader by Lucidea.

Rachel started Engaged Organizations in 2021 to focus on helping organizations adapt to new technologies and accelerate their knowledge supply chains while improving trust, transparency, and agility.

Prior to Engaged Organizations, Rachel founded The Community Roundtable and produced The State of Community Management research from 20010 – 2021 to understand how the best communities operated and generated shared value so it could be applied to create agile, distributed, and engaged organizations.



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