Engaged Organizations


At Engaged Organizations, we are collaboration experts that work with and advise leaders on how to ensure organizations work for humans. We do this by collaborating to assess, design, and adapt strategies, management systems, and technology that result in win-win-win systems that structurally reinforce engagement. We are committed to fostering workplace cultures of connection, joy, and trust that empower employees and break down silos.

We have decades of experience executive leadership, operations strategy, product management, market analysis, strategy and planning, consulting, and management across a range of industries.

That range of experience gives us a unique ability to quickly understand how strategic decisions impact daily work and how employee behaviors influence strategic performance – and how it is all enabled or constrained by governance.


Our Work

We use a holistic, systems perspective in our work due to the complexity of workplaces and culture. 


  • Executives in communications, operations, IT, HR, L&D, and strategy.
  • Digital workplace leaders and teams.
  • Senior program owners tasked with implementing new systems and processes.
  • Collaboration and analytics vendors.
  • Peers with experience in digital workplace, collaboration, strategy, learning, online community, and change management.


  • Assess gaps, challenges, and opportunities in transitioning to a more adaptive and engaged organization.
  • Design low-friction approaches to organizational change with iterative stakeholder engagement practices.
  • Facilitate workshops designed to shift leadership and management mindsets and practices.
  • Create thought leadership research, strategies, and tools that educate and inspire stakeholders and employees.
  • Coach leaders in shifting how they think about system challenges and in engaging stakeholders. 
  • Mentor and add capacity to teams to translate strategic engagement and change objectives into successful tactics.


Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe is a strategist who works at the intersection of technology, governance, leadership, and communications. She is a sought after speaker and expert on the impact of technology on engagement, relationships, and culture and has keynoted at Enterprise 2.0, DeFrag, JiveWorld, APQC, and SocialNow. She was named a 2023 Top 50 Remote Work Advocate by Mobeus Software and is a Constellation SuperNova and ReWorked Impact Award judge.

Rachel started Engaged Organizations to focus on helping organizations adapt to new technologies and accelerate knowledge supply chains while improving trust, transparency, and agility.

Prior to Engaged Organizations, Rachel founded The Community Roundtable and produced The State of Community Management research from 2010 – 2021 to understand how the best communities operated and generated shared value so it could be applied to create agile, distributed, and engaged organizations.

Rachel writes at Reworked.

Beth Laking

Beth Laking is an expert in strategic workplace engagement, which ensures organizational teams deliver to the needs of both staff and customers through cross-functional research, training, change management, and technology.

She draws experience from tech, business, and nonprofits where she engaged stakeholders and increased impact with a side of fun. She aligns leadership and teams with collaborative insights from product development to marketing to sales through to customer success. She advocates for equity and equality in life, work, and the local community. 

Beth speaks at conferences and association events including Jive World, J. Boye, The Community Roundtable, and National Association of Independent Schools. She is a contributor to CMSWIre, Our Journey to Corporate Sanity by Aylet Baron, and Transform: How Leading Companies Are Winning with Disruptive Social Technology by Chris Morace.

Her free time goes to family, friends, art, gardens, music, dancing, hiking and reading.

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