Engaged Organizations

Executives and organizational leaders are dealing with profound and unprecedented change.  The absence of physical proximity during the pandemic has made us all profoundly aware of the value of connection. At the same time, organizations face a continuously changing business environment in which agility and innovation are required.

Community-centric strategies increase engagement, distribute leadership, and increase access to tacit knowledge. Strong communities accelerate learning and adaptation to change.


Our tailored workshops include a variety of components, configurable based on client objectives, including:

  • Developing a collaborative, community-centric strategy based on shared purpose and value.
  • Learning engagement techniques to distribute engagement and accountability.
  • Shifting mindsets about what it means to lead and change.
  • Re-energizing leaders through exploration of and reflection on new approaches, ideas, and perspectives.


Our Collaborative Strategy Workshop and its exercises prompt participants to think about engagement and collaboration challenges in new ways and to integrate these new perspectives into their specific context. By connecting high-level strategy to specific tactics and approaches, it helps participants see how they directly connect.

Clients have engaged us to facilitate this workshop for a variety of needs from providing structure to a new community/collaboration team to training champions in community-centric thinking to developing a finalized strategy and business plan to take to stakeholders. We have facilitated workshops for manufacturing, technology, professional services, architecture & engineering, and financial services clients.

Public Workshops

We host public workshops occasionally throughout the year that are available to individuals. Our workshops attract industry leaders who want to understand how to think differently about fostering behavior and cultural change. Our workshops prioritize peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing for its value in adding ideas and perspectives.

We offer multi-session, strategic workshops configured to your needs.

Strategy Workshop Overview

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