Engaged Organizations


Adoption of Digital Learning Practices

"We were launching a new, collaborative intranet, and I saw the opportunity to make learning and expertise more transparent, easily accessible, and rapidly integrated into the core work of the organization."

Digital Workplace Acceleration

"Our product groups had grown quite large and had similar expertise needs but had no way to share easily. We wanted employees to connect with, learn from, and collaborate across groups. We needed a governance and leadership model to make it easy and rewarding.”

Culture Change

Fostering a Culture of Learning Across Business Units

Supporting Effective Digital Workplace Practices

“At a previous company, our digital workplace and related work practices were outdated, and because we had so many remote employees, we were losing speed, misaligned, and slow to solve customer issues, which had major financial implications.”

Hybrid Workplace Adoption

Ecosystem Design and Implementation "We wanted to connect, engage, and grow a community of hyper-local leaders for peer support and learning, and then scale that ecosystem to unleash a national movement for healing our nation’s divisions.”

Ecosystem Design & Enablement

Implementing an Ecosystem Strategy

Other Common Challenges

  • CIO needs a team with the skills to design, deploy, and foster new work practices.
  • CHRO wants to improve hybrid work practices by providing leadership coaching.
  • COO needs to rationalize processes across marketing, product, and services to improve the customer experience.
  • The L&D team is looking to create communities of practice for key emerging skills.
  • CEO has a board directive to create an ecosystem of engaged employees, partners, and customers.


  • Poor adoption of technology or digital and hybrid work practices
  • Inconsistent collaboration approaches across processes, teams, and tools.
  • No sense of connection or direction for new employees
  • Difficulty with sharing, receiving or acknowledging feedback.
  • Wasted time on repetitive, siloed work and a lack of curiosity to explore existing solutions.


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