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Graphic showing key competencies, opportunities, and objectives


Engaged Organizations Digital Workplace Assessment is a holistic approach to assessing organizational coherence, which distills complex challenges into concrete actions to improve effectiveness and employee engagement.

It is based on the Workplace Maturity Model, which helps align stakeholders and structures challenges and opportunities. 

Results support:

  • Holistic assessment of ogranizational coherence
  • Tangible steps to remove cultural friction and flash points
  • Clear and easy to understand recommendations.

How is the Digital Workplace Assessment Unique?

  • A holistic frame with which to understand organizational culture.
  • A decade of research and use by 100s of organizations.
  • Tangible recommendations that include quantiative and qualitative observations
  • Results that are easy to understand and communicate.
  • Approach that can be used to track progress over time.
Who Could Benefit:
  • CIO Aligning Stakeholders on Capabilities Needs
  • Digital Workplace Team Annual Planning
  • CHRO Advocating for Holistic Approach to Employee Experience
  • Board of Directors Assessing Organizational Capabilities
  • L&D Team Prioritizing Investments

Digital Workplace Assessment Process


  • Quantitative survey of operational markers.
  • Qualitative interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Collection of examples and assets.


  • Benchmarks for Workplace Maturity Model competencies.
  • Recommendations for priorities in each competency.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Three key competencies.
  • Draft Roadmap.