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Managing Director | B2B Unleashed


Services: Closing the gaps between functional area silos, the tech and the humans. Driving a richer, more actionable, trustworthy overview of B2B's business and opportunities.

Founder | Knowman


Services: Knowledge Management; Organisational Learning; Communities of Practice; Enterprise Social Platforms for Internal Communication, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Principal | Jarche Consulting


Services: Workplace Collaboration, Sensemaking & Knowledge-sharing, Organizational Learning, Communities of Practice

Founder | We Need Social


Services: Leadership, Mobilization, Community Engagement, Collective Performance, Diversity

Founder | David Amerland Ltd.


Services: SEO, Social Media Crisis Management, Social Media Marketing, Data Mining, Behavioral Marketing

Principal | Simplified by Jess


Services: Simplified offers marketing operations and voice over services for by focusing on harmony, collaboration, quality and efficiency. By striving for simplicity using these four tenets, we refocus and streamline brands to ensure a quality experience.