Bespoke Strategic Workshops

Executives and organizational leaders are dealing with profound and unprecedented change. The pandemic has increased strain on individuals and prompted them to reconsider how they invest their time. This change has affected everyone. The absence of physical proximity has made us profoundly aware of the value of connection.

Business strategies must change to meet the moment. Strategies focused on operational agility, shared purpose, and shared values support flexibility and resonate with the aspirations of employees and customers.


Our tailored workshops include a variety of components, configurable based on client objectives, which could include:

  • Re-energizing leaders through exploration of and reflection on new approaches, ideas, and perspectives.
  • Nudging mindset shifts for leaders by considering and discussing different strategic and management approaches.
  • Collaboratively creating an engagement or community-centric strategy with stakeholders.
  • Educating and aligning stakeholders with a shared purpose and shared value management approach.


Workshop sessions include both reflective dicussion sessions and small group working sessions addressing topics like:

  • Shared Purpose and Shared Value Strategies
  • Understanding Stakeholder Motivations
  • Designing for Behavior Change and Value
  • Programming, Routines, and Rituals that Prompt and Reward Change
  • Skills Required to Foster Culture Change
  • Measuring the Value and ROI of Behavior Change
  • Developing a Roadmap for Change

Workshops can be done in-person over the course of 1-3 days or virtually, in which case there is opportunity to spread out the schedule.

A virtual workshop format could look something like this:

Public Workshops

I host public workshops occasionally throughout the year that are available to individuals. My workshops attract industry leaders who want to understand how to think differently about fostering behavior and cultural change. My workshops prioritize peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing for its value in adding ideas and perspectives.

I offer multi-session, strategic workshops configured to your needs.

I bring decades of experience in strategy, technology, leadership, and engagement to guide conversations and challenge participants to think differently.

Interested in how this might suit your needs?

Please email I'd love to discuss your next strategic workshop with you!