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Executive Report Package

Purchase the Executive Report Package

Are you interested in having Rachel Happe share this research with you and your stakeholders? This type of session is a great way to engage executives, understand the data, and get insight into how other organizations operate community programs.



  • Access and the license to use report data with internal colleagues

  • Access to ~3,000 data points to support your analysis, strategy, and planning

  • The opportunity to engage stakeholders with a leading expert in internal community programs, which will increase their understanding of both research data and the experiences of other organizations and how they have operated internal community programs.


What you will receive:
  • A PDF of the report
  • A .zip file of the individual report charts
  • An Excel file with a complete set of metrics for the following segments: Internal Average, External Average, Overall Average (Internal & External Combined), and Overall Advanced
  • A one-hour prep call
  • A 90-minute virtual session that includes a 45- minute presentation and 45-minute discussion.

Note: this offer is not available to vendors and prohibits any publication of data. Please contact us with questions or for pricing.