QOTM: What’s Energizing You and Getting Your Attention?

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling unsettled recently. We are collectively starting to plan for the end of the pandemic… but we’ve also been here before. Is it really going to end or is this Groundhog day?

Most of us are trying to maintain our energy and struggling – at least I am. Is it ennui I am feeling?

Maybe it’s time to throw out the rulebook about work; the routines, the emails, and the endless meetings. Instead, maybe we just connect, discuss what excites us, what sucks our energy, and how we want to collaborate and work together?

A long time ago I got the advice to manage my energy, not my time. I think that matters more than ever right now. How do I shed those things that weigh me down and find more opportunities for fun, connection, and conversation?

What work and activities are energizing you and getting your attention this month?


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  1. Rachel Happe

    When I shared my thoughts about focus last week, I couldn’t have imagined what would be getting my attention this week. I studied foreign policy in college and I am fascinated by power; how it is created, used, and lost. I cannot look away from Russia’s war in Ukraine and the world’s response to it. There are so many lessons on strategy, leadership, and collaboration. I will be sharing more on my blog here at Engaged Organization but my initial, political take is here: https://medium.com/p/8251ebb77975