Engaged Organizations

This digital workplace research looks at workplace community programs, which are not new. However, the use, scale, and strategic value they represent is vastly different in different organizations. Those organizations with thriving community networks have realized substantial strategic gains by investing in enablement teams that combine networked technologies with new work patterns and governance to accelerate culture change, innovation, efficiency, and employee retention.  The COVID pandemic has brought digital communications challenges into sharp relief, with some organizations adapting easily while others struggled, lifting and shifting processes not designed for distributed work.

This report provides a look at those organizations who recognize and benefit from what can be achieved when social technologies are paired with the new ways of working they enable. That paired approach delivers shared value; generating complex business outcomes for the organization while making employee work experience easier and more fulfilling.

Key Findings Include:

  1. Community Programs Deliver Efficiency and Innovation
  2. Community Programs Become A C-Suite Imperative
  3. Enterprise Community Teams Remain Vulnerable

Digital Workplace Communities in 2021