Engaged Organizations


Rachel Happe is a digital workplace strategist who works at the intersection of technology, governance, leadership, and communications.


Ecosystem Strategy
Ecosystem and digital workplace strategies generate shared value for all stakeholders.
Accountable Analytics
Accountable analytics align stakeholders and empower employees.
Collaborative Leadership
Collaborative leaders inspire commitment, model behavior, and maintain firm boundaries.
Community Management
Community management inspires excellence with scaffolding and validation.


Our Purpose & Values

We work to make organizations work for humans by bringing connection, joy, and trust to workplaces.

We do this by collaborating with clients to build community-centric digital workplaces that empower employees, unleashing their potential to accelerate organizational performance.

  • Workplace Assessments
  • Collaborative Strategy Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Operational Advisory
  • Tool Shop & Management Resources

Rachel Happe -
An executive advisor with deep cross-sector experience

In 2021, amidst rapid changes and accelerating instability, Rachel saw the need for organizations to grapple with the increasing friction created by managing people the same way technical and mechanical operations are managed. This has accelerated even more as generative AI has exploded into the market. She started Engaged Organizations to help transform their knowledge supply chains while improving trust, transparency, engagement, and agility.

Prior to Engaged Organizations, Rachel co-founded The Community Roundtable, where she produced The State of Community Management research from 2010 – 2021 to understand how the best communities operated and generated shared value so it could be applied to create agile, distributed, and engaged organizations.

Rachel's career spans roles as a business analyst, consultant, product manager, market analyst, and executive across the education, government, professional services, and technology sectors.

Rachel is a sought-after speaker and expert on the impact of technology on engagement, relationships, and culture and has keynoted at conferences like Enterprise 2.0, DeFrag, JiveWorld, APQC, Higher Logic's Super Forum, and Social Now.

She is a 2023 Top 50 Remote Work Advocate by Mobeus Software and a Lucidea Knowledge Management Thought Leader.

Rachel writes for Reworked and serves as an industry judge for the Constellation Super Nova awards and the Reworked IMPACT awards. She is a Research Fellow at the Team Flow Institute.


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