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Culture Digital Workplace Leadership Management Strategy

Want to Change Culture? Change Your Personas

Personas are the most common starting point for creating a strategy or designing a product. Personas are critical to understanding the people we are trying to engage. How these profiles...
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Culture Digital Workplace Leadership Strategy

Engaged Organization’s Theory of Change

In a world of robots, automation, and AI, employees’ work is changing. Employees will transact less and discuss more; complete fewer tasks and spend more time reflecting; create less and...
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Digital Workplace Leadership Strategy

The AI Apocalypse and the End of Organizations

AI is Amazing Technology AI is not new but the release of ChatCPT has inserted AI into daily life. You know it's mainstream when gardeners are using it for design...
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Digital Workplace Management

30+ Open Digital Workplace and Community Roles: April 2023

The range and variety of job titles in the digital workplace, community, and engagement space are wild, making it hard for employers to find qualified candidates and even harder for...
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Digital Workplace Hybrid Work Management

What is a Workplace Community Program?

A workplace community program is responsible for building and managing communities within an organization, such as employee resource groups, diversity and inclusion groups, learning communities, communities of practice, affinity groups,...
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Culture Digital Workplace Leadership

Unpacking Engagement: Recommendations for 2023

Engagement is a hot word right now. But what does it mean? The answer likely lies in who is using the term, the context, and the orientation. It's a word...
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Culture Digital Workplace Strategy

Enterprise Community Maturity Model: A Map for Culture Change

Communities are the cultural frame in which individuals live. Community norms set expectations of baseline and exceptional behaviors. Enterprise community programs can accelerate the knowledge supply chain while connecting employees,...
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Culture Digital Workplace Measurement

Rethinking Engagement Analytics and Demonstrating Self-Evident Value  

Engagement is Complex Engagement is a spectrum of psychological intensity and is useful to broadly discuss how active, interested, and committed people are. That vague general definition was all fine......
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Leadership Management

Leadership of Belonging

We get leadership confused with a few different characteristics; power, management, vision, influence, and impact. Those are all different things that can co-occur but require the ability to negotiate the...
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Leadership and the Coherence Dividend

Most of us have worked with individuals in leadership roles who say all the right things but leave us feeling unsettled. We can't always pinpoint why and, if you are...
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Culture Digital Workplace Hybrid Work Voice of Collaborative Leaders

How Does Your Office Platform Compare?

The office of the future is a community center that mashes up space with services and makes a variety of collaborative behaviors easy in ways that make employees’ lives better...
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Culture Leadership Voice of Collaborative Leaders

Voices of Collaborative Leaders: Nice vs. Kind

Note: this is a new series of posts written by enterprise collaboration leaders who are reflecting on community-centric cultures - how to cultivate them, what's required, challenges, opportunities, and their...
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How to Hybrid: Defining and Navigating a New Normal for Work

It is clear work is changing. The pandemic has helped people and organizations realize that their assumptions about how work had to be were not true. Many of those assumptions...
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Management ProTip

Navigating Conflict in Remote Teams

Working remotely makes them that much more difficult. Working remotely makes them that much more difficult. My experience has taught me some valuable management lessons.
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Community Strategies Draw Networks Together

Creating a collaborative, engaged, and psychologically safe workplace seems to bedevil most organizations. I believe it is the way we think about and construct business models and strategies. Too often,...
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Measurement Strategy

Building a Hybrid Workplace: How Communities Transform Work

Every organization is scrambling to figure out what the new ‘normal’ looks like for their workplace. Will everyone be remote most of the time? Will employees be required to return...
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Digital Workplace Measurement Strategy

New Research: Enterprise Community Programs Increase Strategic Impact

I’m thrilled to announce a new report, looking exclusively at enterprise community programs, how they operate, and what impact they have. Digital Workplace Communities in 2021 offers data about the...
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Culture Digital Workplace Leadership Management

Employees are Drowning in Network Effects

The Great Reevaluation is creating such untenable situations for people that they are leaving jobs without first finding another one - even in the U.S. where they risk losing health...
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It’s the Great Reevaluation, Stupid

It's being called The Great Resignation - this sort-of-but-not-really-post-pandemic economy. Almost every sector is finding it challenging to fill open positions. I spoke with a friend recently who is a...
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Fostering Trusting Cultures

How do you foster trust in groups of people? Our traditional approach is reactive - moderating after the fact. That is important but not sufficient.
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