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Advisory and Consulting

I partner with a limited number of retained clients to improve their organization’s enterprise community and workplace culture change programs. I help my clients by developing their employee engagement expertise, extending their strategic capacity, and supporting stakeholder engagement. I particularly love to collaborate with leaders who are excited to explore what change is possible, how it improves work, and its impact on individuals and workplace culture. Most of all, I believe the best projects create space for employees to explore, engage in making work better, take on leadership opportunities, and increase the comfort of individuals so that they feel free to share their authentic perspectives.



Examples of my work over the years include:

  • Partnering with an enterprise community team working to transform a community of practice network into a persistent and regular online resource for its 60,000 employees in the flow of their work. The partnership includes coaching, strategy work, stakeholder education, advising on governance and technology, and providing perspective in stakeholder meetings.
  • Collaborating with a non-profit client to support the growth and maturity of a new community of practice for individuals committed to developing and sharing their expertise. The collaboration includes strategy development, hiring, team member mentoring, platform requirements and evaluation, migration support, communications advise, and developing a reporting process and structure.
  • Advising the CIO and CHRO of a Fortune 500 company on its collaboration technology roadmap, understanding needs, its implications for organizational culture, and recommendations of resources needed to support the best use of communications and collaboration technology.
  • Collaborating with the Chief Learning Officer of a professional services firm on a leadership development program for community of practice leaders, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation of the leadership development program.


Successful advisory and consulting projects have resulted in:

  • Clear, stakeholder-supported and experience-informed program roadmaps.
  • A concise community strategy developed by a group of stakeholders with clear objectives and metrics.
  • Transforming stakeholder engagement from passive support to active contribution and advocacy.
  • Assessment of team skills, identification of skill gaps, and development of aligned job descriptions and recs.
  • Improved facilitation of online community spaces that result in higher engagement and increased value.
  • Improved confidence, lower anxiety, and a better understanding of what is required for stakeholders, program leaders, and team members.


Have a Short-Term Need?

I partner with a limited number of retained clients to support their digital workplace and collaboration initiatives.

I bring decades of experience in strategy, technology, leadership, and engagement. I believe the best projects create space for employees to explore, engage, and share freely.

Interested in collaborating with Rachel?

Please email hello@engagedorgs.com. I'd love to discuss your objectives!